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Subject: Fashion News / Fashion Week
On Sunday, July 20, came to the end of Fashion Week in Berlin «Berlin Fashion Week». Many celebrities attended the closing enchanting show, which lasted 4 days.
In the exhibition hall «Showroom-Mile» in the heart of the capital of Germany, showing a collection of more than 800 designers from around the world, including Agent Provocateur and Hugo Boss. Designers showed collections of the season spring / summer 2009.
In addition to recognized designers in the show was also attended by several schools models of Berlin - Kunsthochschule Weissensee, Berlin branch of the Paris School of Modeling and the University of Fine Arts.
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The color palette of the winter season, rarely pleases the eye. It seems that all the leading fashion houses tuned to the greyness of the world. Because gray - or more correctly, even a blank - the world around us for almost half a year. And very rarely, it is decorated with bright paint. Moreover, we usually choose «nemarkie» dark shades in their winter clothes.
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«A woman should dress so that the man wanted her to strip» - whether there is someone ready to argue with the truth? And who is not strong sex, to know the force of the temptation to dress, deep open neckline and inviting further cut ... In the history of the world of fashion there are many men who use their knowledge for the benefit of women. You can be sure: they have left their mark in the lives of each one of us ... Read more>>
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It would seem that the clothing - it is only clothing. What can you write about? It only covers our body from the cold and retain heat. «There is no bad weather, there are clothes that do not conform to the season», - such words can be often heard. Read more>>
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In total forty years ago it reached a width of 13 inches, now people are too, and narrowed the ties of five centimeters. However, the «subject», which is well and glad to hang on the neck of every man, there are more impressive features: Hindu Gangalore was 80-meter-long necktie. And in one instance, made by hand, «author» asked for 260 thousand dollars ...
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Anxious vexation, sweet anticipation, waiting for the holiday, rollicking fun - all you need to us this year as never before. We are back in the depression and again in anticipation of bad news. Only such a strong doping, as a rollicking New Year's party can cure us from depression and a bad presentiment. Even in the anticipation of this annual night of magic so much fun, that bad thoughts are simply not enough time and space. Read more>>
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Not all are ready to dive head in search of special Christmas clothes. Many think that the most important thing in the New Year party - a good mood, which does not always depend on how much is your new dress. Yes, and often times it is not enough. Read more>>
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Fashionable, stylish, beautiful, practical, reliable, comfortable ... Does the world such winter boots? We are not sure, but do know from the hundreds of other pairs of snow-shoes to choose the only who has the faith and truth, you are not one season. So, listening shoemaking ... Read more>>
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"Good tights as legginsy should be in the women's wardrobe. Tights - a natural alternative for those who do not want to wear socks or legginsy. They look like slender legs and sex," - said Lindsey.
The American actress will offer fashion-monger tights in five different styles - from classical black body and matte to colorful and Lycra. A new fashion line of stars to appear on sale in July of this year.
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This diet is developed by German physician. It is designed for 14 days if the desired result is not achieved, try to take a break and repeat this diet.
Breakfast: grapefruit, a piece of bread, 30 grams of cheese, coffee or tea without sugar.
Lunch: 200 grams of fat cottage cheese, beans, a piece of bread, coffee or tea without sugar.
Dinner: lean meat 100 grams (or 100 grams of lean fish), vegetables, coffee or tea without sugar.
Ban: alcohol, fruit (except grapefruit), fruit juices.
The day must drink 1.5 - 2 liters of non-carbonated water.
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