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*Meet the stars who the media can't help gossiping about.


Recently there were rumours of <acronym title="Katrina Kaif">Katrina Kaif</acronym> making <acronym title="Deepika Padukone">Deepika Padukone</acronym> insecure about <acronym title="Ranbir Kapoor">Ranbir Kapoor</acronym>. We may never know the real story behind the threesome. But here are the hottest off-screen love triangles in Bollywood and some stars who acknowledged them, others who rebuffed but all written and spoken about

*<acronym title="Bipasha Basu">Bipasha Basu</acronym>-<acronym title="John Abraham">John Abraham</acronym>-<acronym title="Dino Morea">Dino Morea</acronym>*

It was no secret that <acronym title="Bipasha Basu">Bipasha Basu</acronym> and <acronym title="Dino Morea">Dino Morea</acronym> were a couple for the longest time. But one night when the dusky heroine was allegedly molested it was <acronym title="John Abraham">John Abraham</acronym> who came to her rescue. Dino was supposedly very much around but wasn't by his girlfriend's side. Nothing has been the same for the three from that night.

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