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This weekend viewers will be in for a rude shock when two participants Image: from Terence's toli will perform an explicit dance which can be termed nothing less than kamasutra. The duo Jai-Vrushali's Kamasutra act will have the mahaguru, co-mentors, participants and audience in a tizzy
Since the past few weeks, master Remo has been earning most of the brownie points for his out of the box experimentations and presentations. From Bollywood masala to chau to malkhamb, Remo has clearly proven that he is totally a dancer's delight. Mentor Terence Lewis just misses it by few points every time…or so the feeling. And according to him that prompted him to break all barriers…social or otherwise on Indian television!!

Image: This time Terence's performance through Jai and Vrushali got him many scowls, frowns and raised eyebrows. Terence, in a bid to outdo the other masters, choreographed a scorching sensuous number on the song 'Hai rama' from the movie Rangeela. This is the first time that the Dance India Dance stage witnessed a performance so steamy. Not only was the audience in a daze towards the end, the grand master Mithun Da was also seen becoming visibly uncomfortable. When the act was over, there was a stunned silence that left the production team wondering whether they should edit the entire performance, which will affect the contestants direly.

But Terence was vehemently seen defending the act saying it was a pious form of dance and the same should be respected, not looked down upon. This caused an altercation between the grand master, masters and the production team. The final verdict seems to be against Terence since Zee TV does not want to get rapped for showing censorious content on a family viewing channel.

Image: A source from the show informs, "The dance was quite explicit. Since the channel and the show is for families. Considering the type of viewers of the show we will either edit some portions or just take the long shots of the performance. We will try to make it as viewable as possible."

"As a channel we will definitely not show explicit movements / mudras since Zee TV is a family viewing channel. Having said that I don't oppose what Terence did since he is an artist who has freedom of expression. The contestants also performed gracefully. So even if some movements are edited, we will ensure that the essence of the performance is not lost," said a channel spokesperson.

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