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*Meet the newbies all set to take on Bollywood.


Move over the <acronym title="Katrina Kaif">Katrina Kaif</acronym>s and the <acronym title="Priyanka Chopra">Priyanka Chopra</acronym>s. So goes for the Kareenas, Kanganas and the Deepikas. A whole new hot brigade is all set to woo the Bollywood fan in 2009. We drew up a list of the women we think are hot enough to threaten the position of the reigning queens. Take a look:

*Barbara Mori*
<acronym title="Hrithik Roshan">Hrithik Roshan</acronym>'s muse in his home production Kites has already created many ripples in the industry. Just a few days ago, a tabloid carried rumours of Barbara Mori causing a rift in Hrithik's relationship with his wife (which the actor vehemently denied). Barbara it seems is too hot for even our Greek God Hrithik to handle. An Mexican model and actress, she is a hybrid of Uruguayan-Japanese and Mexican parentage. Whoa! Wonder how long she'll take to learn Hindi before making it anywhere in Bollywood?!?

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