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*<acronym title="Freida Pinto">Freida Pinto</acronym>-<acronym title="Dev Patel">Dev Patel</acronym>: *
Current Status: *Slumdog Millionaire star <acronym title="Freida Pinto">Freida Pinto</acronym> is making all the right moves. From a Woody Allen film to the cover of every leading magazine Freida is the face of the season. And the man in her life is reportedly none other than co-star <acronym title="Dev Patel">Dev Patel</acronym>. The two have been bonding well through all the new found red-carpet glory. But since the Slumdog fever is slowly dying down, the Dev-Freida paring might also soon fizzle out.

*History: *Freida's jilted ex-lover recently came out in the open claiming that the two had even got married. Rohan Antao has been pretty vocal about his relationship in the media, accusing her of dumping him after the movie's success. Despite our sympathies we can only say, 'You should have smelt the coffee earlier Rohan, now move on'.

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