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TOP 10 Bollywood Stars of 2008

It is time to go beyond proclamations, claims, retorts and diatribe. The BO burrow is where all false gods falter, every Friday. Friday, Fly-day or Fry-day..? It depends on which end of the Six Pack chart you are!

Salman Khan: Maine Flop Diya!

In 'Yuvvraaj', Subash Ghai revisits the 80s formula of brothers quarrelling over inheritance.

Salman Khan plays Deven Yuvvraaj, a chorus singer with the Prague Orchestra. Sallu sleepwalks through the movie with complete disregard for his character, and displays inconsistency throughout.

His chemistry with Katrina Kaif has not saved the film from being a no-show. Salman Khan has ended 2008 with four flops ('God Tussi Great Ho', 'Hello', 'Heroes' and 'Yuvvraaj') to his credit.

The movie opened to an average of 40-50 per cent in the first weekend.

Strength: Salman-Katrina?

Weakness: Outdated content

Verdict: Unimpressive initial

Abhishek Bachchan: Gay Dosti hum nahin...!!

Inspired by the Hollywood flick 'I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry', 'Dostana' is a romantic comedy with a 'gay' twist.

2008 has (till 'Dostana' happened) been a bad year for Abhishek Bachchan. He had to his credit an average 'Sarkar Raj' and a super dud 'Drona'. With 'Dostana', Abhi has bounced back with an effortless performance.

The net collection for the movie at the end of Week 1 is Rs.15,42,31,115

Strength: New-age masala! Weakness: Gay overtures get tiring after a while

Verdict: Hit

Mughda Godse: The Ramp Walk!

'Fashion' is Madhur Bhandarkar's realistic take on the world of glitz and glamour.

Mughda Godse plays a struggling model in 'Fashion'. The debutant puts forth a performance befitting a seasoned Bollywood actress. Mugdha will be seen next in UTV Spotboy’s 'Peter Gaya Kaam Se'.

The net collection for 'Fashion' at the end of Week 3 is Rs.30,95,74,662.

Strength: Novel theme Weakness: Bland screenplay

Verdict: Hit

Kareena Kapoor: Blink-and-miss!

'Golmaal Returns', inspired by the 1973 film 'Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar', promises more mauj and mindless masti but does not deliver.

'Golmaal Returns' saw Kareena playing the role of the ever-suspecting wife of Ajay Devgan. The movie was aggressively promoted as Kareena Kapoor starrer. Fans of Bebo have cried foul as she had a blink-and-miss role in 'Golmaal Returns'.

The net collection for the movie at the end of Week 3 is Rs.42,43,98,867.

Strength: 'Golmaal' sequel Weakness: Poor jokes!

Verdict: Hit

Sanjay Dutt: Bhai blues!!

'EMI' is all about the pros and cons of "living on loan".

Sanjay Dutt reprises the loveable goon act and this makes 'EMI', a poor cousin of the Munnabhai movies. Says MSN's Deepa Gahlot, '' 'EMI' sputters to life only when Sanjay Dutt is on screen, but then there is nothing new about seeing him as a 'Bambaiya'-speaking gangster--he must have done this role half-asleep.''

The net collection for the movie at the end of Week 2 is Rs.2,42,03,274

Strength: Stellar cast Weakness: Everything else

Verdict: Flop

Vinay Pathak: Goodbye, B.O!
'Dasvidaniya' is the story of a man's journey to self-realisation.

Says MSN's Deepa Gahlot, ''First-time director Shashant Shah creates an understated little film with moments of humour and poignancy—but so understated that it often tips into tedium''. Pathak is a fine actor, even though he overdoes the meek, loner bit and, so far, lacks the charisma to play the lead part and one in which he is in every frame of the film''.

The net collection for the movie at the end of Week 1 is Rs.68,23,521. Strength: An offbeat idea Weakness: Weak screenplay

Verdict: Below Average opening

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