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Review: Maharathi, treat to watch when it comes to performances.

Excellent presentation in spite of the avoidable lapses in the screenplay...

Maharathi Movie ReviewIn a drama the performances take precedence. But in a film, especially in thriller films, the plot takes priority... Maharathi scores on the former aspect but shakes on the latter.

Maharathi is the cinematic adaptation of Uttam Gada's Gujarati play, which had over 700 successful stage performances in the last twenty years.

Maharathi is a murder mystery. Subhash (Paresh Rawal) has spent the last ten years unsuccessfully trying to get acting parts in films. One night Subhash rescues Jai Singh Adenwala (Naseeruddin Shah) from a car accident and gets recruited as his driver. Jai Singh shares an estranged relationship with his much younger wife Mallika (Neha Dhupia).

Here Jai Singh kills himself and challenges the claimant, his wife Mallika, to prove his suicide as a murder to obtain the insurance amount.

This cinematic adaptation of a Gujarati play has able performances from its seasoned cast of senior actors. But the Maharathi Movie Reviewplot that starts off promisingly is flawed by few loopholes.

Shivam Nair's hemming of the film is very good, but then he has been handicapped by a theatric stage play instead of an effective screenplay. The screenplay of the film should have been written by any of the present professionals instead of Uttam Gada, who wrote the original stage play. The cinematography and audiography are very good.

Paresh Rawal and Naseeruddin Shah have given sterling performances as expected of them. Boman Irani and Om Puri essay their roles with diligence and dignity. Surprisingly, Neha Dhupia gives a memorable performance. Tara Sharma and Vivek Shauq are quite adequate in their roles.

On the whole, Maharathi is eminently watchable just for the shake of brilliant performances and excellent presentation inspite of the avoidable lapses in the screenplay. Rating: 2.5 chilies out of 5. Movie is a treat to watch when it comes to performances.
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