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Review: Dil Kabaddi, not a moral science lecture

The script does'nt have to capability to hold your attention for the next two hours...
Dil Kabaddi movie reviewDil Kabaddi, highly inspired by Woody Allen's 1992 film HUSBANDS & WIVES, is bold and piping hot for the Indian audiences. The movie is directed by Anil Sharma and produced by Shailesh Singh.

Rahul Khanna is back in a Hindi film, after a long time. Starring along with Konkona Sen Sharma, Soha Ali Khan, Rahul Bose, Irfaan Khan and Payal Rohatgi. The movie revolves around the life of two modern-day couples living in urban India, who are experiencing a patch of boredom and monotony in their life.

'Dil Kabaddi' centers on the life of two couples, comprising of Samit (Irrfan Khan) - Mita (Soha Ali Khan) and Rishi (Rahul Bose) - Simi (Konkona), whose post-marital ennui forces them to look at the other options that the life offers. At such a point of time, the temptation for an extramarital affair seems to be too much to snub. Samit is a philanderer, who feels proud of his conquests and experimentations outside marriage. His wife, Mita suffers at the hands of her adulterous husband.

The film begins on a promising note and then peters off into repetitive scenes, some funny, some silly, where nothing actually happens. And the track between Irfan and Payal ends up as completely out of sync, with the aerobic instructress ending up as a complete bimbette.

Dil Kabaddi movie reviewThe characters and situations are not out of the ordinary. But it is much like other films of this genre - like say a Pyaar Ke Side Effects or Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd - this one is also what most critics call 'a character driven film'. We have actors regularly talking into the camera and dialogue that is conversational, in keeping with the plot. But despite a predictable premise, Dil Kabaddi works well in most parts. There is a good balance between the stereotype and unconventional. So while most of the jokes are sexist, the women too make their choices, some brave some traditional. The men of course have all the fun.

What holds the movie together is its spontaneous performances and hilarious comic portions. The pick of the lot are Irrfan Khan's sequences, seems to have had a blast playing this character. As the self-confessed sex addict he is the life of the film.

On the whole, Dil Kabaddi is an average movie with too many relationships, breaking and bonding; too much of hollering, too many tentative attempts at flirting by supposedly sober.
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