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Preview: Ghajini (Review of Ghajini)

Ghajini is about Prashanth Pawar (Amir Khan), a rich businessman who owns a cellular phone company named Air Voice and the events surrounding his relationship with Kalpana (Asin Thottumkal).

Review of Ghajini

Kalpana, an advertisement model goes around telling her advertisement crew that she is the love interest of Prashanth. Kalpana does this in spite of having never met him and also goes to the extent of giving an interview about her relationship to a popular magazine.

Prashanth happens to hear about this through the media and wants to settle scores with her. On his way, he catches a fleeting glimpse of a young woman (who happens to be Kalpana) helping handicapped children to cross a street. It is love at first sight for Prashanth. He moves on to confront Kalpana at her advertisement studio. He is pleasantly surprised to realise that she is the same helpful woman he saw a while ago. He chooses to hide the fact from her that he is Prasad, calling himself as Manohar. Kalpana eventually falls in love with him.

Once, while on a train to Mumbai, Kalpana saves a group of young girls from abuse by a group of goons led by Lakshman (Pradeep Rawat). After a few days, the same goons come to Kalpana's house in order to avenge their embarrassment. Incidentally, Prashanth arrives at the scene and fights off the goons, but during the ensuing fight, Kalpana is murdered. The irony showcased is that Kalpana never finds out that he is Prashanth.

Lakshman then strikes Prashanth on his head severely with a metal rod. Though he survives the blow, but suffers from a short-term amnesia. At any given time, he does not remember anything that happened more than 15 minutes back, although he frequently has flashbacks of Kalpana's murder.

He determines to take revenge on those responsible for Kalpana's death. The rest is how Prasad, along with a medical college student Chitra (Jiah Khan), goes about finding Lakshman and the goons.
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