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Movie Review: Meerabai Not Out.

Meerabai Not Out is certainly not out but remains flat for the major part.

Meerabai Not Out is a film to about one's obsession towards any particular thing in life and here that element is cricket.

Meera Achrekar (Mandira Bedi) is a cricket fanatic and a big time fan of Anil Kumble. She is so passionate about cricket that she teaches mathematics to her students through cricket calculations. Meera is single and stays at Shivaji Park chawl. Both mother (Vandana Gupte) and brother (Mahesh Manjrekar) are searching a groom for her.Her family, school students, gully cricket with the society boys is the only life for her. Love life never bloomed in her life till she met Dr. Arjun Awasthi (Ejaz Khan).

Dr. Arjun treats one of the injured boys from Meera's team for free. In the first meet Arjun is clean bold by Meera. Later he starts dating her and soon they are in love. Anupam Kher (Mr.Awasthi) plays father to Dr. Arjun. He is very keen about his son's marriage and tries persuading him to get married. Initially he hesitates to accept Meera but finally agrees with his son's bridal choice.

Then come in the twist where Meera's engagement day and a cricket match falls on the same date. And her fanaticism inspires her to turn towards stadium with a hope that she will be able to manage both the events comfortably. But things do not turn out to be in her favour and Mr.Awasthi calls off the engagement. To handle the situation both the teams work towards reconciliation.

The real essence of the film is not sports but it's one being fussy about cricket. However the film fails to bring out that element. Meera's cricket mania is restricted only to few dialogues about the game. The romance track in the film is hurried. Thus fails to create an impact.

A PT teacher's silent infatuation towards Meera does not compel much. Bollywood cliche a spectacled girl opts for lenses on falling in love does not fascinate any more.

The humour lacks punches and fall flat. However director Chandrakant Kulkarni gets the middle class setting perfect to an extent and has kept an eye over Kumble's role as not being an over-dose.

Both Mandira Bedi and Ejaz Khan has done a good job. Anupam Kher act is well organized. Mahesh Manjrekar comes out well in the later part of the film. Vandana Gupte role is credible and different from a 'bolly' mother.

Overall 'Meerabai Not Out' is certainly not out but remains flat for the major part.

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