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It is all about weight in Aathvan Vachan...

Vinny Arora, Urmi of Aathvan Vachan has been asked to put on some weight, while Vishal Singh who plays Aadesh has to shed some...

Sony’s Aatvaan Vachan will see Aadesh (Vishal Singh) and Urmi (Vinny Arora) getting together after the death of Manali (Mouli Ganguly).

As the channel gears up to give viewers fresh content from the coming week, the lead actors Vishal Singh and Vinny Arora have been told by the creative team to work on their respective weights.

While the puny Vinny has been asked to add bit more weight, Vishal has been advised to shed his extra kilos. “Yes, I have been told to put on weight, as people say I don’t look like a 18 year old in the show”, confirms Vinny.

Our khabroo tells us, “Vishal has put on lots of weight, and for the future track that will follow Manali’s death, we need Urmi and Aadesh to get together. So we have asked them to take care of their weights so that they look better when paired together”.

When asked Vinny about the future track, she says “I really do not know the story track. But talking about Vishal, I really feel he needs to loose some kilos now (grins)”.

Now, we need to wait and watch as to who gains weight and who loses on it!!
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