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I have always made wrong moves Aryan Vaid

Aryan Vaid who is known more for his Casanova image rather than his career is still in the minds of telly-viewers for his stint in Bigg Boss. Aryan and Anupama Varma were locked in the house together and their romantic capers in the house gave the show some good viewer ratings. It is another story that the couple did not hit it off once they were out of the house. Anupama went back to her modelling career and Aryan to his acting.

Aryan is currently seen essaying the role of Duryodhana in Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki. Though the mytho has not struck the right chord with the audiences Aryan is not ruffled. The actor is optimistic and is looking forward to getting some great response from viewers.

Post his Bigg Boss stint Aryan has been taking life easily and is not in a hurry to take up shows and movies. He is currently hosting a lifestyle show Whatt A Life on Zee Music.

In a free wheeling chat Aryan shoots from the hip on various things. Read on…

Aren’t you scared of doing a mytho at the onset of your TV career?

As Lord Krishna said that Karm karte raho aur phal ki chinta mat karo (Do your duty without worrying about the results). I have just done a few episodes so it’s pretty early to talk about it. We really enjoyed ourselves doing it and the way it is presented is incredible.

As for the timing of the mytho all I can say is I have always made wrong career moves. But this was not really a mythological show for me. When you have Manish Malhotra doing the costumes one can very rightly term it as a glamorous show.

But the costumes have received huge criticism?

I can only give you my personal opinion and honestly I quite like the costumes. With this I don’t mean to say that the critics are wrong. They too have a right to voice their thoughts, likes and dislikes.

Would you agree that the show’s presentation has not gone down well with the audience?

I honestly cannot give you a very fair analysis on that. I guess that people expected to see the same old Mahabharat but personally to me Ekta’s Mahaabhaarat is very appealing. May be I belong to very small segment of the viewers who were expecting something different.

How happy are you with the exposure you have got on TV?

TV is a great medium. Wherever I go people ask me if I am the Duryodhan from Mahaabhaarat. I think personally for me TV and cinema are two avenues where I go to work and make a decent living. If you ask me about my preference then I would say that it’s better to do a show which is as grand as this than to do a small budget film.

Have you been watching the second season of Bigg Boss?

Oh! Its like 14 innocent people locked in a house made to look schemers and plotters. They are just being themselves. I think this season the controversies are far lesser as compared to the first season. We were little more naïve. I think the first season was more entertaining with the presence of the likes of Rakhi Sawant and Ravi Kissen.

Are you in touch with your Bigg Boss inmates?

I am in touch with Deepak Tijori. Occasionally, I run into them at parties. I have met Bobby Darling and Deepak Parashar at parties.

Why didn’t you take up any reality show post Bigg Boss?

To be honest I wasn’t offered one. Also I don’t think the results of reality shows are so overwhelming. Without getting into any controversies and no offense meant to anyone I personally think that Rakhi Sawant should have won Nach Baliye 3 but it didn’t happen, which is very unfortunate. Everything is done for TRPs and in the process true talent takes a back seat and the best man doesn’t win. I feel that is heartbreaking.

Will you be seen more on TV now?

Apart from Mahaabhaarat I am hosting a lifestyle show called Whatt A Life. It’s a show that gives you an idea of the life-style of the rich and the famous.

What else is keeping you busy?

I have just shot for a couple of movies. One is Run Bhola Run and the other one is Right Ya Wrong.
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