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Bipasha Basu' shoot in Srinagar runs into trouble


Bipasha Basu’ shoot in Srinagar runs into trouble

All precautions were taken for the shooting of producer Bunty Walia’s film Lamha in Srinagar but it ran into serious trouble, soon enough. The movie is a first of sorts to be shot in post insurgency Kashmir.


Directed by Rahul Dholakia, the movie’s shooting ran into trouble with protesting mobs.
According to reports the mob was protesting the shooting involving Bipasha Basu starring as a Kashmiri girl. Even the Police force responsible for the safety of the movie crew was rendered ineffectual against the mob.

No one was reported injured but lead actress Bipasha Basu had to run for cover and exit the scene. This was lesson enough for the filmmakers. They had intended to shoot the movie completely in Kashmir but now have abandoned the idea.

The film is supposed to present a realistic look of the state with Guns and militancy etc. This was the reason that the locals were protesting, as they were afraid of being portrayed negatively.

Soon after Dholakia called a press conference in which he made clear his intentions of making the picture and his commitment to portray the state and its people in the right light.

Now majority of the pic will be shot in a Mumbai studio. Wasiq Khan a veteran of shooting Kashmir scenes will take care of the look of the movie. He has previously shot for movies Yahaan and Tahaan based in the background of Kashmir.

Shooting this way seems to be the better option as the experience of the Lamha Crew points out.

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